Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 3 I Wish the Temptations Were Only Just a Singing Group...


I have READERS! Hello, readers! :) And a very happy Friday to you, too!

I am glad to say that I am still in this fantastic mood that I've been in since Wednesday. I woke up feeling a bit groggy since I slept so late Thursday night making this blog, but the positive attitude was still there with its arm around me to greet the day.

My legs are FANTASTICALLY sore! You know, the good kind of sore that makes you know you're working hard enough to make a difference. To change things up a bit, I might hit the hike and bike trail after work today.  I do like the treadmill since I can have some kind of general idea of how far I've gone and how many calories I've burned, but it's good to have variety.


Skip to 8:56 p.m.
I ended up staying at my apartment complex since I just DID NOT feel like driving anymore today. I'll be honest. When I finally got home, I wasn't really feeling motivated enough to immediately get into my workout clothes and power through like I have the past 2 nights. I felt a tiny hunger pang, so I went for a Pop Tart and a glass of milk. I'm really fighting fatigue today since I got so little sleep, but I knew I had to do my workout or else I would be so disappointed in myself. I got changed, and I chilled on the couch for about 20 minutes. Thankfully there wasn't anything but crap on TV, so I made myself get up, gather my workout gear, and I got moving.

I went to the apartment complex gym again, but both of the treadmills were occupied. Luckily, one elliptical was free, so I programmed it for 45 minutes and I huffed through it!

As soon as I got done, I started walking towards my mailbox when I decided to give my good ol' former roommate Jamie a call to see if she was home. I got to hang out with her and Blake for about an hour, which was simply wonderful! Just like old times. Haha -- I even almost tried to lock their door on the way out! Old habits die hard, I guess! I was VERY tempted to ask them for a piece of candy, but I was able to control myself. This fun size dark chocolate Milky Way was just TAUNTING me in its shiny little silver wrapper and its evil caramel and nougat goodness, but I resisted! GO ME! My former apartment and roomies looked great, and it was so very good to see the them. I'm truly thankful that they still live so close to me. :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Mood: Positive and Cheerful

• 1 Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Nut Granola Bar
• 1 4oz Activia Vanilla Yogurt
• 8 oz water

Lunch: (Thanks to Nick for treating me!)
• 8 to 10 oz water
• Half a Chicken Panini with a side salad from Jason's Deli + chips and a pickle
 - finished the pickle, did not finish the chips... I should have taken a photo of this one HUGE chip I had...haha
• My salad - their "spring mix" of romaine and other greens plus cauliflower, broccoli, gala apple slices, pine nuts topped with their Italian dressing
 - 1 tbsp potato salad
 - a bite of cottage cheese
• Literally about a tbsp of chocolate mousse and a tsp of banana pudding

I drank about 8 more oz of water at work during the day.

Snack at 5:30 p.m.
• 1 Strawberry Pop Tart with about 6 oz of 2% Milk (I only have one Pop Tart left from a box I bought when I went grocery shopping a couple of weeks ago. I won't be buying them anymore after I finish them. I am not one who likes to waste food).

I drank 24 oz of water during my workout and counting.

I'm not sure if I will eat dinner tonight. I'm just not hungry.

I usually eat dinner even if I'm not hungry, but I am trying to learn how to listen to my body. I actually have to sit and feel how my stomach is acting. I'm pretty bad about this in general because I've been eating because it's "time to eat" my whole life whether I knew my body needed food or not. I want to change this and only eat when I am genuinely hungry and I actually have room for more food.

I will not be posting a daily weigh in photo because weighing myself every single day is just not something I want to do. Honestly, I am not very concerned with the numbers especially knowing that muscle weighs more than fat. I will probably post a weigh-in photo every week or 2.

Things I need to work on:
• Portion control - I had a hard time controlling how much I was eating at Jason's today. I did pretty well, but I wanted to keep going even though my stomach was feeling full. I want to focus on listening to my body better when it comes to its satisfaction levels regarding hunger
• My sleep schedule - I have ALWAYS been a night owl. It's plagued me since I was a little girl, and I never get enough sleep. I KNOW I will benefit greatly if I get a better sleeping pattern.
• Meal Planning - I am still living on food left from my last grocery trip, and I do not want to waste what I bought. I'm on an extremely tight budget, so as soon as I start running low on what I've got, I will definitely make wiser purchases at the store.

And Day 3 is done, my friends! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Tomorrow shall be an interesting test! I have 2 baptisms to attend - the 1st baptism is for the grandson of an amazing baker, and the 2nd Baptism's reception is at a Chinese buffet. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Can I control myself? Find out tomorrow!

P.S. THANK YOU to all my supporters out there! You're FUELING my motivation so much! Please keep the love flowing my way! Woo!