Monday, February 24, 2014

Day 670 - Fat February!!! :) & :(

February has been FAT all around. Fattening food, fattening fun, fattening blessings! It sucks because after my last post, I was REALLY good the last couple of weeks of January, and I was able to lose 2 pounds, but all the food that February had to offer was just too tempting, and I gained them back plus one more. I'm currently at 141.8 pounds. :(

I've been a bad eater, exerciser, and blogger this month. As I'm sure most of you know, I turned THIRTY on February 6th! I feel like it's been a month long party!

My wonderful co-workers, Beth & Kim, decorated my office for my big day! We ate a light lunch at one of my favorite places in Beaumont, Katharine & Company. I tried to eat healthier for lunch because I knew I was going to have sushi dinner with Nick and my dad that night.

The Saturday following my birthday, a few of my favorite people and I gathered at Painting with a Twist to have a little birthday fun. I didn't mind the calories for this day, though! Maybe I should have...

Delicious, rich chocolate cake made by my
dear 'sister cousin,' Cici!
I'm so grateful for all my friends who came to Painting with a Twist for my birthday!! It was a wonderful afternoon/evening!!!! 

And THEN Valentine's Day hit only a week later. More food, of course!!! We had a yummy and calorie rich lunch at the Rockin' A Café, and Nick got me some beautiful flowers and some chocolate covered strawberries. We kinda ate them before I got the chance to take a picture, though. 

We had supper that evening with the Larcades and McCrarys, who were in town for the weekend! Not a "typical" Valentine's Day dinner, but I couldn't miss the chance to see Amy & Jimmy. I miss them too much! I was still so full from lunch that I shared an order of fajitas with Nick, and only ate one. 

Eliza's growing so big, and little baby Jed's a brewin'
The following Monday, I had a belated birthday lunch and gift exchange with Angelyn at Cheddar's. MORE FOOD. I tried to make healthier choices at lunch by getting a salad, but it wasn't exactly the healthiest salad (chicken caesar pasta salad) AND Angelyn got me this HUUUGE basket of goodies! 

I love Sully, though!
I was bad all the week of the 17th - 21st. I've been making poor eating choices all month with burgers, chicken strips...  I binged on chicken wings, fried chicken, a cheeseburger, fried okra...  So much for worrying about my cholesterol. :( 

This past weekend (the 22nd), I was invited to celebrate the birthdays of my cousin and his daughters, so guess what...MORE FOOD. Delicious Filipino spaghetti, egg rolls (fried lumpia), rice cakes (puto), rich mashed purple yams (ube), more birthday cake, and pork kabobs... Oy. 

Happy birthday, Kuya Alvin, Mumay,  & Marie!
The ORIGINAL February birthday girls. ;)
Happy birthday to Angelyn & me!
There were days that I made good attempts to eat better this month, but 80% of the time, I was pretty terrible. Here's a bit of the good I captured:

egg white omelet (peppers + spinach + sriracha)
wheat toast + avocado
mashed cauliflower
Recipe rehabbed ziti
Gluten free pasta, spinach, ground turkey,
flaxseeds, skim cheeses
This week I've been trying to eat healthier dinners with skinless chicken and sauteéd spinach. I also bought some ingredients to make some mean green juice, which I need to make soon!

I've barely exercised this month, too. I've been having too much fun, I guess! It was a HUGE surprise for me that he decided to join, but Nick went with me to the hike & bike trail the Saturday after Valentine's Day! We walked about a mile together, and then I decided to jog about 1/2 a mile. My endurance is pretty much dead since I've been slacking off so much in these colder months. 

I walked to the dining hall and had a healthy-ish lunch with my pal Craig last week also. (This is about a mile walk round trip from my office.) I started this new daily sketch project that day too! I'm trying to develop my hand lettering skills, so I'm trying to sketch something about my day every day with letterforms. I hope I can keep it up!

Craig and I agreed to start walking again during lunch when the weather improves. March 9th is SO CLOSE. I can't wait until Daylight Savings time begins again so I can bike after work! I MUST! I miss it so much, and I'm sure I suck at it now. 

I did this workout this evening:

Two years ago, I would have been able to FLY through this workout and feel fantastic when I was done! Tonight, um... I barely made it!! :( The jumping jacks were super easy, but I could only do 10 military pushups, and I had to modify the remaining 10. The sit ups were TORTURE. My stomach cramped so much that I had to downgrade to crunches only after doing 15. The squats were tough, but I pushed through those really well, and the lunges were not pleasant either, but I got through them.  The wall sit was the longest 60 seconds of my day! WHAT HAPPENED TO ME? I am better than this. I am stronger than this.  

I gotta get out of Fat February and get MOVING in March!!!! So while I'm beyond thankful for all the wonderful blessings, fun, and food I've had this month, I REALLY need to reboot myself and get serious about getting healthy and fit again. I need a swift kick in the ass or something. Oy.