Saturday, October 5, 2013

Days 519-528: It's All a Colorful Blur!

Sorry for the big delay in posts, friends and followers. I've been doing pretty well most of the time the past several days, though.

I was very good LAST week about sticking to the morning workout routines. I did lots of elliptical workouts, and I did some strength training as well.

Squats are your friend.
Last weekend, I got to play in a tiny dodgeball match for work! We had a Students vs. Employees competition, and we (the employees) WON!! I SUCK at throwing the ball, but I was able to catch one and get one girl out.

Was this fun? OH, YES.
Right after the dodgeball, I helped Nick and his sister Christine paint their mom's old bedroom, so that meant MORE upperbody work. I'm surprised I wasn't more sore after last Saturday!

I made a ton of juice last weekend too. I *really* need some detoxing, so I bought myself a bunch of fruits and veggies and got to it.

Forgot to take a pic of the kale!
Mean green 
That should do for a couple of days.
I supplemented one or two meals most of this week with juice, but I still haven't been eating that great. I lucked out and scored THREE free lunches from friends this week, and not all of these meals were healthy.

I *have* been trying to snack healthier, though. I've been bringing grapes, apples, and oranges to work. I also got these fantastic (and filling) fig bars. The serving size is one bar, so I'll eat one in the morning, and one in the afternoon right before I leave work.

My sleep schedule was all wonky this week. I'm not sure why, but I didn't sleep well most nights. I tried to catch up on sleep on Monday and Tuesday, but I was able to do a morning workout on Wednesday when I ran/walked 2 miles in less than 30 minutes!

Again, I've GOT to start waking up earlier so I can fit in 45 minutes to an hour... I'M WORKING ON IT.

On Thursday, I worked up a bit of courage, and I biked in the evening...FROM NICK'S HOUSE to the hike & bike trail! I've *never ever* biked on the road alone before, so I was a wee bit terrified, but I did it! I biked from his neighborhood, over some scary railroad tracks, and onto Phelan to the Hike & Bike where I was able to get just three laps in (6 miles + about a mile or 2 between the trail & Nick's). I wanted to do more, but I also didn't want to bike back to Nick's in the dark, so I chose safety over fitness. I could have called Nick to pick me up, but I wanted to really see what it was like to bike to and from his house first.

After my big scary ride.
A lot of people have asked me how to fold up/unfold my bike. Well, here's a super speedy version of how it works!

Very simple, very easy. I can't say the same for trying to make a video of it while folding, though. Thanks for the help, Nick! And for letting me use your air pump for my tires. :)

On Friday afternoon/evening, I was a TOTAL glutton at an annual event I've attended almost every year since I was a little kid:  THE TEXAS RICE FESTIVAL.

Cajun pistol:  Crawfish, cheese, and other stuff
stuffed into a fried buttery roll
An out-of-focus RICE BALL.
Rice with chili inside, battered, and FRIED, of course.
Nick and I always share some roasted corn.
How flattering is this photo of me!? 
I made plans to meet up with some of my dearest childhood friends whom I've known since Kindergarten. We try to make it a yearly tradition to meet up if we can, but as we all grow older, and our families grow larger, and we move off to new and exciting things, it's more difficult to make these events happen as often as we'd like. I'm so thankful for these girls... They all are such wonderful friends!

2012 Rice Festival (Babies were brewing here)
2013 Rice Festival (Babies have arrived!)
The group changes up a bit every year, but we all still rock our friendships!


So I don't feel TOOOO guilty about all the food I ate yesterday because I woke up DARK and early this morning to participate in a 5K Fun Run! The Gift of Life Julie Richardson Procter Color Rush was this morning, and I'm so glad that my friend Alicia from work asked me to sign up!

Sorry about the poor quality of these photos. I put my phone in a Ziploc sandwich bag so it wouldn't get messed up by all the cornstarch. I can't wait to see more pictures that everybody else took!

Alicia and me after getting pummeled with YELLOW 
Yay to some colorful, dirty fun!
I got my workout done before noon today! Now I shall do a crapton of laundry and enjoy the rest of my weekend. Happy health to all!

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