Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 454: SNAP OUT OF IT!

I can't believe it's been over a month since my last blog post! Shame on me.

I've stayed moderately active with a few jogs and bike rides here and there, and I've been sticking to my smoothie and juicing regimens over the past few weeks, but I haven't lost anymore weight. It hasn't helped that friends and relatives visited over the past few weeks (which usually means lots of yummy food) either.
Chasing my Godson Matthew around was good exercise!
Especially when we brought him to play his first ever
game of laser tag!! We played 6 exhausting rounds!
The bad thing is that I haven't been consistent. Ah, yes, consistency... My frienemy. I know I'm capable of being consistent, as I demonstrated last year when I PUMMELED through losing 17 pounds in about 5 months last year, but when the plateau hit, I "quit" and settled for maintaining. If anything, the only thing I've been consistent on in this journey is settling, but I just can't let that be, now can I?

I've been down in the dumps over the past few weeks due to some personal family issues, but I know I am capable of working through my anxiety and depression with exercise. So why am I not getting off my ass and exercising more???? I know it'll make me feel better and deal with my problems with a more level head, and yet I remain complacent with the work I've already done so I just stopped pushing myself to keep going or trying harder.

I finally reached that point again that makes me want to dust myself off and try again. My weight is still teetering between 135 and 140 these days, and I want to get out of this blasted range. It'll be extra difficult over the next couple of weeks because I'm going to Houston this weekend to visit my BFF and to see two world famous graphic designers speak, and then next Thursday, I leave for San Francisco! I fully intend to enjoy myself during these two events I've been anticipating for what seems like eons, but I have to eat mindfully.

Got some awesome new walking shoes for
my trip to San Francisco! These Skechers GoWalk
shoes are pretty amazing! And so light!!

Like tonight, I fought the most INTENSE craving for a burger after choir practice... I probably changed my mind about getting one 8 or 9 times, and I was ultimately able to pass up all the burger joints that dot my drive and go straight home, but these cravings are disturbing and pathetic! I know how terrible fast food is for me, so why do I want it so badly sometimes!?

At least I've been craving healthy things also. Like I'm pretty sure I could eat a spinach salad with a homemade lemon vinaigrette every day of the week. I just need to get my act together and reach for these kinds of healthier meals more often.

I did a short but intense upper body workout tonight when I got home from choir practice on Sworkit. My arms are still shaking! I'm not sure if that's from the intensity of the workout or if my upper body is just that flimsy. Probably both.

I will honestly try to blog more regularly again over the next several weeks so that I can finally start making more progress again before I start losing muscle and gaining fat again! I'm attending a public yoga class (LoveYoga's Yoga by the Lake) on Thursday, and I'm truly looking forward to it! I tried it before last month with my friends Jamie and Megan since my friend Beth G. was a leader, and I loved it! I'll be sure to take photos then. If you want to try yoga, this is a great chance to check it out! Donations are encouraged, but there are no fees. Just bring a yoga mat and wear some clothes you can do bendy things in comfortably. Haha!

But for now, it's late and my arms are all wobbly. Goodnight, friends! It's good to be back!