Wednesday, June 5, 2013


WOW! So I'm pretty sure that I am blessed to be friends with wonderful magical people. That, and I think that the universe WANTS me to succeed and be healthy.

Just one blog post ago, I talked about how much I wanted to get a juicer. I posted my entry to Facebook as usual, and BAM! JUICER!! Not to mention a bunch of helpful info from Lacy, whom I mentioned in my previous post as well.

And thanks to the overflowing generosity and kindness of my childhood friend Kristen whom I've known since our Hamshire-Fannett middle school choir days, I have been blessed with a FANTASTIC Breville Juice Fountain Elite!! Kristen just happened to have one that she was itching to get rid of, so she handed it over to me for the keeping. You guys just DO NOT understand how happy I am! I am beyond relieved also because this will truly help me financially this month! If you're reading this Kristen, words cannot express how thankful I am to you!!!!!!
Ooooh, shiny.
I went to Kroger after work today to get a ton of veggies and fruits so that I could give my new juicer a spin. I wanted to bike, but I was too excited (and starving) by the time I got home from the store. At least I still spent the evening working towards my health and fitness goals somehow!

I made two batches of juice tonight. The one I had for dinner tonight was called "Mean Green Juice."  The recipe called for 1 cucumber, 2 apples, 4 stalks of celery, 6-8 kale leaves, and a tablespoon of ginger. I was able to find some fantastic 50 oz glass pitchers at Ross tonight, so I decided to double up the recipe so I'd have more juice for tomorrow evening.

Doesn't all that looks so fresh!?
I juiced this x2
Here's the Mean Green Juice in one of the great 50 oz
glass pitchers I got from Ross. It was only $4!! 
My good friend Josh Yawn has been an avid juicer for a while now, and he told me that using glass containers for fresh juice is best since plastic containers are porous, and some of the juice would be lost and seep into the plastic.  Josh has been SUPER helpful in giving me tips and info about juicing over the past couple of days, and he's offered to be my "juicing tech support." If you're reading this, THANK YOU TO THE MOON, JOSH!!!

Ingredients for the 2nd batch of juice
I also made some carrot + orange + ginger juice. The juice was a bit heavy on the orange and ginger at first, so I added a LOT more carrots.

Aren't they cute? Pitcher Pals!
I was inspired by yet another health/food documentary called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead to start juicing. This documentary follows two men (Joe and Phil) who were pretty much in the state as the title of the documentary. Both of them did a 60 day juice fast, and they both benefited GREATLY from doing so. I don't see myself doing a 60 day fast, but I was definitely inspired to incorporate juicing into my lifestyle! I plan to try a 10 day juice fast very soon! I'm thinking within the next few days! I'd do it NOW, but I still have food that I don't want to spoil to eat. As soon as the food is gone, I'm heading to Sam's to get fruit and veggies in bulk to get this going! 

Watch Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead on
YouTube for free! Not sure how long
it's going to be on YouTube, so watch it
as soon as you can!

So far, I'm feeling fantastic. The mean green juice tastes wonderful, and it made me full! I can't wait to get this going. Cheers to generous and helpful people and to healthier AND tinier pants!