Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 404: I Need a Juicer.

Hey, Friends!

So remember that documentary I mentioned during my last entry? Well, it has reaffirmed my desire to get a juicer in the worst possible way. I am in the process of purging all the junk food out of my apartment, and I want to get a juicer straight away.

The difficult part is that they can be super expensive AND there are so many to choose from that my head is spinning a little!!

Back in December when I was still going pretty strong, my friends Laura and Lacy posted quite a bit on Facebook about juicers/juicing, and I was highly interested in getting one back then, but I never took the plunge because I had just spent a great deal of money on a new camera and Christmas gifts for my loved ones. Being Hungry for Change has really brought back my desire to get a juicer with a vengeance.

I want to do a detox because I certainly need it after all the crap I've been eating pretty much since Thanksgiving. Juicing is a brilliant way to do this, but I kinda need a juicer to do that!

These are the ones I've looked at so far:

The Hurom HU-100 Slow Juicer
$358.95 on Amazon
The Breville JE900 Juice Fountain Professional Juice Extractor 
(Sold out on Amazon, of course) :(

The Breville BJS600XL Fountain Crush Masticating Slow Juicer
$299 on Amazon

There are countless more, but I feel like I'd be here all night long if I posted all the decent ones I've found.  Do you have a juicer??? If so, which one and why would you recommend it?? I'd love to hear from you as soon as possible!

Until then, I shall now go for a BIKE RIDE!! I'm so excited that it seems silly, but I'm just so happy that the weather is awesome AND I feel well enough to go bike! I have only coughed about ONCE the entire day, so I'm feeling beyond ready to get a workout in. Cheers for now! I hope to get some feedback from y'all.